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LLI for Spanish

Additional understandings

Additional understandings

Conversion Chart

System for pre kindergarten readers

where to find standards that link to the lessons

Guide for Observing & Noting Oral Reading Behavior


Overlapping Levels

coding errors: multiple attempts, one word in text

Student Information Forms


Using F & P with students with disabilities

Chart: Progress Monitoring by Instructional Text

Assessment Questions about BAS 1 and 2, Levels L-N

When to transition from BAS 1 to BAS 2?

14 days ago
from JenniferLynnP

Assessment Books

parent education

28 days ago
from stuartboard

Reading Rate

from papinesj

Below A Instructional Level

BAS and Fluency

Scoring Running Records

BAS correlating with LLI level

BAS Correlation to DRA2

Copies of Lesson Plans

New computational thinking curriculum website

from Eli Sheldon

Word Bag Substitution

Correlating Probe assessment level with LLI level

Spelling Instruction for grades 4 and 5

Sight Words in Lower Level Readers

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